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sh@dy02.05.1987Being one of the four founders of this clan, shady is the last of them that is still active. He started online-gaming with Quake3, which he played for about 5 years until Quake4 came out. Being a good player he still is the organising head of qubism.

Alex "wrath" Bock02.06.1987Wrath is one of the experienced players here at qubism, playing Quakeworld and Quake 3 he has played many matches vs. international stars and was invited to different big events like the ESWC.

Thorben "Ic3W1nd" Kamplade15.11.1986Ic3W1nd is one of our eldest member and has been playing different leagues with us in Quake3 CTF as well as TDM. He is an experienced Quake3 player with a nice clanhistory of well known RA3 clans.

Roland "JiLTeD" Koch16.01.1986JiLTeD is playing for us, since he decided to try Quake 3 CTF, and we used the chance to get him into our team, now he is playing for us since some years and we hope we can win some more matches with his god-like shaft ;]

Rolf "HotdogSkier" Lipert25.04.1979HotdogSkier has been active in the CTf scene for some years now, and has already done a Quake 3 CTF movie for the pickup-channel #spontanctf. After joining our clan for playing Quake4 we had some fun at Quak4 CTF and now back to the roots he is playing Quake3 CTF with us.

Andreas "Andy" Lenzen09.02.1984

Christian "CTCool" Tiefert20.09.1985CTCool has been lpaying Quake3 now since many years. He has never been working for that "pro-gaymer" thing many people are looking for, he playes for fun, but don`t underestimate him, he is an experienced TDM player and a dedicated CTF player.